About Us


Glaxm Infotech was founded with a passion for challenging and redefining the 'boundaries of the possible'. Glaxm delivers a broad and rich set of integrated business functionality on a global-ready platforms. Powered by a revolutionary model-based platform, the company offers modern, comprehensive, highly-adaptable and low cost ERP solutions and support services to its customers. The scalable and adaptable Glaxm Platform handles high transaction volume and business complexity required by demanding business of all sizes. Glaxm’s revolutionary design enables applications to be easily customized. Glaxm Consultants ensure the design and implementation of the product assist the customer achieve cost effective business objectives.

Our Vision

Enable organizations achieve competitive advantage through implementation of a cost effective and customized resource planning software.

Our Mission

GLAXM ERP Consultants work in close co-ordination with the management to ensure the design and work-flow of the resource planning software are aligned with the organizational objectives as per the strategic vision of the organization.

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